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Founder: Carole Smith
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About SynNeo

We’ll give you the skills and training you need to build your personal brand and business online.


It’s what we do!

Established in 2011, SynNeo is an Irish owned online marketing company providing business owners with practical skills, training and marketing solutions to grow their business online.

We work with solopreneurs, small business owners and mid-size organisations helping them understand how the world of business has changed.

To survive now,  in what is an online connected world, your business must adapt to the new customer buying journey.

It  requires an understanding of how to attract , retain and grow a clearly defined online audience.

At SynNeo, we spend a lot of our time immersed in inbound marketing and social selling. It’s what we do every day.  We then share that knowledge and best practices with you in our coaching and training programmes.

Remember, if you’re not building your business online, you can be certain your competitors are. 

Services Include:

Online Personal Brand Coaching

Social Media Marketing workshops/training

Travel Marketing & PR 

We’re Here To Help You Achieve Your Goals  

Our coaching and training will have you learn how to use online marketing effectively. You’ll get practical tips, best practices, strategic advice, plus tools to have you use your time and resource effectively.

We like to think of SynNeo as a company who offers straight-talking practical solutions to companies  serious about growing their business.

Don’t take our word about how good we think we are,  take a scoot over to our feedback page to see what some of our clients have said about us.

We know how to be social, so should you!


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