What are Twitter Hashtags and how are they used?

Hashtags arrived on the scene initially with Twitter, now used a lot on Instagram and a little on Facebook.

Hashtags are keywords or terms preceded by # and when used properly can get people talking about your new product launch, an upcoming event or a specific topic.

You’ll notice I said when used properly.  The following examples were originally posted on Instagram and shared to respective Twitter accounts.

Hashtags Bad Example

Instagram Hashtags on Twitte

The examples above were posted by an interior designer and a nutritionist.  If the objective was to engage Followers and create brand awareness then it’s a big fat fail for both.

So let’s look at how to use hashtags properly and on the platform where we first came across them – Twitter.

3 Tips on using hashtags so that they are both relevant and good for building your brand online.

Use Hashtags To Get Followers Engaged

With Twitter gone from being a text only site, brands are using this to their advantage as in the example below with Lyons Tea who created the hashtag #LyonsTalkingPoint

Lyons Tea Twitter Hashtag

Lyons Tea Hashtag

Get People Talking About Your Brand

Hashtags are a great way of participating in Twitter conversations with people or brands outside your network and located anywhere in the world.

While the following is a fun example, the creating of a relevant hashtag is an easy way of getting people talking about your brand.  In the example below, a lot of people took to Twitter when George Hook announced he was writing an erotic novel. The hashtag?#GeorgeHook

Twitter Hashtag Conversations

Widen Your Audience Reach 

Hashtags also make sourcing information easier.  An example is someone putting #citybreaks into the Twitter search box. If you’re a hotel or a tour company using that hashtag, the user will see your tweet – and the good news is they don’t have to be an existing Follower to do so.

CityBreak Twitter

Twitter City Breaks

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So that’s it.  Keep hashtags relevant, don’t overuse them, use a bit of creative flair (not that much it has to be said) and start building your brand on Twitter.

To your success!


Carole Smith, SynNeoCarole Smith is an online marketer who helps businesses learn how to effectively use the social platforms to grow their business.  Her company, SynNeo offers 1-to-1 and group training delivered onsite at your location, via webinars or over Skype.

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