When Was Your Last Facebook Page Audit?

I recently audited the social presence of a group of individual businesses within the travel industry.  While the audit was specific to one sector it is a fair representation of many small to medium businesses who similarly use social media to promote their services....

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How To Lose Business Credibility Real Fast

So I’m at a conference and someone says, “I hear you know something about websites and I’m having a problem with mine.”  I realise we’ve both left the same workshop and while I’d been singled out by the presenter as a Facebook expert, there hadn’t been any mention of...

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Creating Your First Facebook Ad

(Updated Sept 2016) If you’ve never created a Facebook ad before now, trust me when I tell you, when you do, you’ll be nicely surprised at just how effective they are.  This blog is really to get you feeling comfortable and familiar with the process of creating a...

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How To Use Twitter Hashtags

What are Twitter Hashtags and how are they used? Hashtags arrived on the scene initially with Twitter, now used a lot on Instagram and a little on Facebook. Hashtags are keywords or terms preceded by # and when used properly can get people talking about your new...

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5 Tips for Better Twitter Marketing

Are you using Twitter to promote you or your brand?  To be successful using Twitter means at minimum you have a professional looking site and an understanding of the basics when using the platform. The following five tips will go a long way in helping you establish...

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How To Memorialise A Facebook Profile

In the past ten years the process of grieving has changed with the arrival of social media sites. With death a reality for all and over 2.4 million Irish users on Facebook, the day will come, if not already, when you lose someone who had an active Facebook account....

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