How To Memorialise A Facebook Profile

In the past ten years the process of grieving has changed with the arrival of social media sites. With death a reality for all and over 2.4 million Irish users on Facebook, the day will come, if not already, when you lose someone who had an active Facebook account....

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Like & Share Dos and Don’ts

Over the past week I’ve watched a large brand conduct a 'Like & Share' competition on Facebook.  Now what’s interesting is, it is an enterprise size company with a dedicated marketing department ignoring Facebook’s clear guidelines about hosting competitions....

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Teens Quit Facebook: The Marketer’s Choice

Yet again we see the headlines ‘Teens Abandon Facebook’ with the subtext suggesting marketers do the same.  One of the more recent reports from an investment bank, Piper Jaffray inferred kids are definitely over Facebook and moving in their droves to Instagram and...

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Is LinkedIn Too Facebooky Now?

Lately I’ve been noticing more quotes, inspirational and otherwise, in my LinkedIn news feed and it’s beginning to bother me.  Sure I sound grumpy but trust me I’m as happy as the next person to take a break from the daily grind/joy of work -just not so much on...

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Topflight: A Facebook Success Story

In June 2014, Irish tour operator Topflight became the first Irish travel company featured as a success story and case study on Facebook’s global website. Topflight started business in 1982 with offices located on Dorset Street in Dublin.  Topflight now has offices...

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Facebook’s ReMarketing Tools

Not before time I’ve put together an overview of the highlights from the Facebook Marketing Summit which was held in DCU in Dublin on 19/20 June 2014. The event had companies who were preferred partners of Facebook presenting the latest tools and apps to monitor,...

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