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 If you’re passionate about growing your business online, you’ve come to the right place


We offer business coaching programmes specialising in digital marketing solutions that are aimed at helping you grow your personal brand or business online.

We don’t use jargon that’s going to make your head buzz. Our online marketing coaching and training approach is both practical and interactive.  For us it’s important that when we finish working together, that you walk away having learned a lot and can implement your new skills when back at your desk.  All our online marketing sessions are customised and designed to fit with your specific business requirements.

Look around the site, see what we do and check out the feedback from past clients.  If after that, you want to follow up, call or email us. We’ll schedule some time to chat and find out what you need and how we can help.


online personal Brand

A bio on a website is no longer enough if you want to be known as a thought leader in your industry.

It’s why a credible online personal brand is crucial to your success and that of your business.  Find out what you need to do now by clicking here for more details.

Travel Marketing

From years of experiece working within the travel and aviation industries, SynNeo has developed a range of marketing solutions specifically designed for businesses in the travel sector.

Learn how to target today’s savvy online travel buyer.  Find out more  here

Social Media Marketing

If you want to grow your business, you have to be integrating social media into your marketing goals and strategy.

To become really proficient, join one of our social selling programmes designed to help grow your business. Find out more click here 

“The Coaching I got was invaluable

Carole from SynNeo understood what I wanted to achieve both in personal branding and in creating the kind of content that would connect with my clients.”

Lottie Hearn, The Video Coach

Founder , Press Play Presentations

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