Is Marketing You or Your Business a Challenge?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to build your personal brand or business online, we should talk.


I’ll show you how to build a solid online presence plus create engaging content that will help grow your personal brand or business.


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You’re not on your own!

There are millions of businesses online all hoping to build brand awareness, attract the right kind of customers, and grow their revenue. However, many struggle trying to navigate the best ways of doing that.

For many, there comes a time too when watching another YouTube video or online course is just not going to cut it anymore.  

And that’s when working with a business coach specialising in online marketing can really help.

Working with a business coach helps you first to clarify the goals you want for the business. Then it’s a deep dive into the customer you want to target before creating a content plan to attract and engage them.     

For the small business owner or business owner lacking an internal marketing resource, working with a business coach can help by bringing in both the skills and support you need. Find out more about how business coaching can help, click here.

If you are ready to grow your business or about to launch a new one, let’s have an introductory call to discuss how I can help you.


How You Can Work With Me

Power Hour Strategy Session

1 to 1 Online Marketing Business Coaching

Personal Branding Coaching

Free online marketing eBook ‘Kickass Tips for Small Business Owners.’

A Little About Me

It was back in 2007 when I first began coaching after a long career in travel and aviation.  However, in 2011 my coaching evolved into one specialising in social media marketing as that was the big need from my clients at that time.  Over the years clients came from the retail, beauty, entertainment, hospitality, travel, and aviation sectors.

Aside from that I have hosted seminars on leadership, been a guest speaker at numerous conferences and published a book on how to grow a small business online. 

A Little About Me

I began coaching back in 2007 after a career in travel and aviation.  In 2011, my coaching evolved into one specialising in personal branding and online marketing.  Since then, I’ve worked with business owners from the beauty, entertainment, hospitality, retail, travel, and aviation sectors.

Aside from coaching, I’ve hosted seminars in Ireland, UK, Portugal, and Africa plus been a guest speaker at numerous conferences around Ireland.

Blog Posts

Your Ego is Losing You Business

Your Ego is Losing You Business

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Google My Business is Being Replaced

Google My Business is Being Replaced

Have you seen this recently?   For a little background to this At the beginning of 2022, Google announced it was replacing “Google My Business” with “Google Business Profile” stating it as an updated way for local businesses to manage their local listing. Then on...

Social Media Marketing: Outsource or DIY

Social Media Marketing: Outsource or DIY

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Kerrie Palmer

Accountability Coach, Scaling Up Global, London

“I can honestly say that the hour was so valuable to us. Your feedback was straight to the point and full of common sense and direction. There is now a very clear path forward as to where we need to go and how to do it. Now personally I don't feel overwhelmed by the prospect but excited!” 

Linda Jones

Managing Director, The Travel Boutique

"I can’t recommend Carole Smith of SynNeo highly enough. She has extensive knowledge of the Travel Industry and its marketing trends. She is also a voice of wisdom at the other end of the phone with positive suggestions to guide me whenever I need it."

Lottie Hearn

The Video Coach Founder

“The Coaching I got was invaluable. Carole from SynNeo understood what I wanted to achieve both in personal branding and in creating the kind of content that would connect with my clients.”

Michael Yohannes

Ethiopian Airlines, Area Manager, UK & Ireland

"For over five years, Carole managed the online marketing and PR for our UK and Irish operations, plus hosted marketing strategy and branding workshops at our head office in Addis Ababa. I would absolutely have no hesitation in recommending Carole for any marketing support you might need."

Alan Sparling

Managing Director, ASM Ireland

"I have reached out multiple times to Carole for coaching, online marketing and consultancy work, and it is a testament to the high regard I hold her in."