The Road to Here

After a long career in travel, travel tech and aviation, I retrained as a coach, and humanistic counsellor. My goal then was to help others grow and flourish in their life and work.  However, the global crash in 2008 and the recession that followed put me on a different path – one of learning how the then emerging social media could help rebuild my coaching business.

As I learned I shared with family and friends whose businesses were also struggling. From there, I began hosting seminars in Dublin, guest blogging for a UK social media company, and writing articles for a national Irish magazine.

That was followed with a 4-year stint as a social media coach/trainer with the Irish government’s business support agency Skillnet Ireland.

Since then, I have coached clients from Ireland, UK, Portugal and Africa. And my longstanding goal is, to continue helping business owners like you, to learn how to successfully use online marketing to grow your business.


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