Lately I’ve been noticing more quotes, inspirational and otherwise, in my LinkedIn news feed and it’s beginning to bother me.  Sure I sound grumpy but trust me I’m as happy as the next person to take a break from the daily grind/joy of work -just not so much on LinkedIn.

When I’m using LinkedIn I’m there for work, to network, prospect, respond to messages and to have a quick skim for anything of interest posted by my connections.   Quotes such as the following just don’t fill that need, and anyway I get enough of it already on Facebook, thanks very much!

 Facebook’s Social Environment

On Facebook (and we’re talking profiles here) quotes like the above are a given along with others telling you how to get in touch with your inner Goddess, to laugh not cry at life, and celebrate the best Mother/Father/Sister/Brother/Dog/Cat/Gerbil in the world.  But Facebook is a ‘social’ environment and most of us have friends who like to share this stuff.  And that’s okay.  For those friends who go overboard consuming your news feed with quotes, happily there is, the ‘hide’ option – also available on LinkedIn.

Business Etiquette

In the work environment things tend to operate differently.  Top of the list is making the right first impression and it’s often the difference between getting a contract or not.  It’s why so many professionals invest so much time in learning how best to do this.

When it comes to offline business etiquette, it’s highly unlikely after meeting a new prospect or client you’d spontaneously start sharing quotes with them. If you did, they might wonder about your sanity never mind your professionalism.  Yet, that same code of behaviour isn’t always translating into the online world where many have moved their prospecting and management of customer relationships.

Let me ask, what would make you think the rules of business behaviour are different online?

LinkedIn: The Platform for Professionals

While LinkedIn has started to roll out some new features of its own which are very Facebook in style (new premium profile redesign), it is still recognised as the platform for professionals who want to do business.

The power of LinkedIn is its ability to allow you connect directly with decision makers, people of influence, people you were probably unable to reach using traditional cold-calling methods.  So, if you’ve managed to make a good first impression and you’re growing valuable relevant connections, why would you blow it by posting quotes more suited to your Facebook profile?

LinkedIn News Feed Quotes

Downtime Anyone?

As I said previously we all need a little time out from work but is LinkedIn the place to find it? Up until now, it hasn’t been and I for one hope it stays that way. You might think differently, but I would suggest before you hit ‘Share’ with your next dodgy quote (note the use of dodgy, as I’m not suggestion all quotes are bad), photo of you on your hols, your own birth notice (a connection of mine reminiscing last week) that you ask yourself if it will make the right kind of impression with your connections -or does it have the potential to put your business relationships at risk.

And remember, if connections choose to ‘hide’ you, you won’t know about it, and any relevant content you post about your business will not be seen.

If you want to learn how to use LinkedIn effectively to grow your business, book a 1-to-1 LinkedIn MasterClass with SynNeo and start getting the results you want.

To your online success!

Carole Smith, SynNeoCarole

Carole Smith is a qualified coach, Social Selling specialist and LinkedIn expert with a background in travel and travel technology of over 20 years.  Carole has presented at  conferences, hosted public seminars, delivered training and webinars to businesses around the country and is the author of the extensive Irish Travel Industry Digital Trends Report 2013.

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