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Ciara, can you tell our readers a little about you and how you’ve become known as the ‘Productivity Coach?’

It all started on a holiday in South Africa when I met my husband’s uncle. He delivered Productivity Training to organisations in South Africa. We got talking and because of my background in technology I decided it was going to be a perfect fit. What I didn’t realise was how much the concepts, and the techniques were going to change my life.  Mother of three and very ambitious I could never fit it all in, something always suffered but I spent the next couple of years learning and teaching others how to work more efficiently, giving them ways to achieve their goals, beat procrastination and experience more success and happiness. Last year I published my first book Chaos to Control and some media started to refer to me as The Productivity Coach.

Chaos to Control

Chaos to Control

You’re quite prolific on social media sites plus an award winning blogger, what was it that prompted you to use social media to promote what you’re doing?

As I mentioned I have a background in computers, I worked as a software tester, technical support engineer, web designer and more and I have always had an interest in all things techy! Therefore when something new like Twitter comes along I want to check it out. As I started to see and read how different platforms were helping businesses I began to put a little more work into using them.  The truth is, I have been very careful of them not wasting my time so I spent a long time interacting intermittently before deciding what tools I was going to put some effort into

Is there one social media site over others you feel has worked better for getting your message out?   And if so, why do you think that is?

I love Twitter, it’s main attraction for me is a way to connect with anyone. It’s easy for me to send a message to Robin Sharma or to Tim Ferris without it being strange to them. I have connected with many big bloggers on Twitter and by following them and retweeting their stuff they usually repay the favour -that is of course if you ask nicely.

We’re hearing a lot about your ‘Get Set for Success’ online programme, do you want to tell us a little more about how it works, and the kind of people who benefit from the course.

People now realise that coaching is a very useful tool for both business and personal gain, unfortunately few can afford it. For this reason I wanted to put together a way for people to get access to my coaching and training at an affordable price. For less than the price of a cup of coffee a day, you can receive 7 weeks of video, audio, worksheets and documents to help you achieve your goals, stop procrastination and get more done.

There are lessons on how to declutter your space and mind, with steps to create a vision and goals for your perfect future. A week dedicated to getting organised with a system to stay focused and on top of your tasks and advice how to keep your inbox at zero plus much more.

I’m very happy with the results and have many happy customers, from women wanting to figure out what to do with their lives, to busy professionals looking for an easier way to get things done. It has also been popular with small business owners who don’t have the funds to get someone to come to them so benefit from doing the online interactive training.

We’re coming to the end of out interview Ciara, so if you had one tip to give to other businesses on how best to use social media to promote their business, what would it be?

Ask the experts! I think it’s important to ensure that you are using your time on social media in the right way.  For a while I considered giving up Facebook and  focusing my efforts elsewhere as I didn’t think it represented my market but then I got two really big jobs from referrals from people I know. I think good expert advice on how when and what to post can be of great benefit and save you time and effort in the long run.

Ciara Conlon‘s ‘Get Set for Success’ online course is starting on 20 May.  For details on how you can sign up click:

I should mention here, that I’ve already signed up and looking forward to getting much more productive with my time. Come join me!

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