The ‘How To’ blog introducing recent Facebook features you might not have seen or used yet. 

1) How to Schedule Your Facebook Posts 

I’m loving this since it was rolled out back in May but just in case you might not have heard about it, I’m giving it pride of place in this list of the latest new features from Facebook.

Previously if you wanted to schedule Facebook posts you had to use a 3rd party app to do so.  Not any more.  Now all you do is create your post as you would in the normal way, and when finished click the little greyed out clock on the bottom left hand-side and follow instructions to schedule your post.  When you’ve done, the post will sit in your ‘Activity Log’ (under Edit Page on Admin Panel) until time for posting.  Happy days indeed!Scheduling Posts

2) How to edit comments

I’m sure like me you’ve often posted a comment only to discover you’ve misspelt something or left a word out leaving your response looking a little odd.  Previously, you had to delete and start over but not anymore, because now you can edit your comment.  Just click on the little pen icon on the right, make your change, hit enter and hey presto your comment is looking good.

Edit Comments

3) How to edit text accompanying a photo you’ve uploaded

Similar to above, you’ve uploaded a nice image, added some text to accompany it and only when you hit ‘enter’ do you notice you’ve left something out or made a spelling error.  This time, all you do is click on the image and up pops on your screen the image with  text to the right and the following options: Tag Photo, Add Location, and Edit.  Click on the ‘Edit‘ button, amend your text, and when finished select ‘Done Editing.’  Simple!

How to Edit Text Accompanying an Image

How to reposition your images

As a rule, existing Fans see your updates in their newsfeed and images you post will look absolutely fine.  However, new Fans and those interested in checking out your page will visit your Facebook page directly and it’s here where images you posted may not look so hot. They might be off-centre or have text missing like in the example below.   With this new feature, you can reposition your images by clicking on the pen icon at the top right-hand side of the image, select ‘Reposition Photo’ from the drop-down menu, move the image to where it looks good and then hit ‘save.’ Perfection achieved!

Okay, so that’s it for this blog however, another will follow with some more new Features rolled out by our friends at Facebook.

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Carole Smith, Social Media Coach

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