The 1-to-1 coaching I got really helped shape how I wanted to promote both me and my business online.  I would have no hesitation in recommending SynNeo for this service”

Michael Liebmann

Managing Director , Bonovox

Online Personal Brand Coaching

In what is now a very online connected world, having some kind of digital presence is a given.  

Problem is, if you’re not managing your online personal brand, it can impact not only your personal success but that of your business.  

Think about it for a moment.  How often have you met someone briefly at an event and afterwards skipped into Google or LinkedIn to learn more about them?  Often is probably your answer.

Therefore, you can take it others are doing the same with you. If however, you’re not managing how you look online, chances are high you could negate in a nano second any credibility you’ve spent time and energy building in the offline world.  So, is it worth the risk?

Our clients come to us because they know a credible online personal brand is crucial in the world of business.

What we do

An initial meeting will give us an understanding of what you hope to achieve.  We’ll then do an audit of your online presence and once that’s done, present you with a report and recommendations.

At a follow up session we’ll put a plan in place following the recommendations provided. We’ll also keep you accountable with follow up calls to make sure you’re on track with the plan and goals set out in our first session.

Our clients

A large proportion of our clients come to us as they are recognised industry leaders in their sector and who want to use online networks to broaden their reach.

Others are looking to diversify or explore different business options and want to make sure their online personal brand supports their goal.

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