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Content Marketing Training



Content Marketing Workshop – Date TBC

 What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is the creating of content for sharing on social sites with the objective of attracting and retaining a clearly defined and targeted audience.  It is also one of the biggest challenges for marketers.

In order to stay in front of a targeted customer audience, it requires putting out content that is varied and topical.  However, what can happen is, you run out of ideas or it’s taking up just too much time.  The result is, a haphazard approach to your online marketing.

That can all change when you know there are some easy ways to curate content that is right for your audience. It does mean first of all understanding who your audience is, what content they expect from you, and where to find that content.

We can help you with that.

Who is this training for?

The training is designed for those already familiar with managing a Facebook brand page and tasked with finding consistent quality content for sharing on social sites.

You’ll have some knowledge of creating images and copy text but we’ll cover that in detail in our workshop anyway.

You’ll learn how to curate good content so you don’t always have to create from new.  You’ll also learn about segmenting your audience and why that’s so important to the overall success of your marketing.  On  top of that, we’ll share best practices and tips that will have you go back to your place of work with a content plan that you can start working on.

What will we cover? 

  • What is content marketing
  • Characteristics of good content
  • Impact on audiences’ relationship with organisations – why content marketing matters
  • Benefits of content marketing
  • Content that engages today’s online user
  • Segmenting your audience for more targeted content sharing
  • Creating a content calendar
  • Best practices on sharing content to social site


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