If you’re a big brand with a healthy marketing budget, you’re probably going to hire people to specifically manage your social sites or outsource to an agency to manage on your behalf.

However, if you’re an SME business owner you may be thinking about doing it yourself or having someone within your team manage it along with their other responsibilities.

First Steps: Find Your Brand’s Voice

Before you make your choice, you need to think about the ‘voice’ that will represent your brand online.  The voice and tone you use should fit with your brand’s personality so that it resonates with prospects and customers.  Remember, social media sites are more conversational so that means your voice needs to be authentic, ‘real’ if you like, so that people can relate to your brand.  The generic or corporate-speak often used on websites is not going to connect with an online community.

As an example, let’s say you have a retail business targeting the 18-25 demographic so your voice and tone will need to be youth-orientated, and more relaxed.  Use a formal tone and language with this audience and your chances of engaging them online are minimal.

Finding The ‘One’ to Represent Your Brand

Once you know the kind of tone and voice you want to use on your social media networks, it becomes easier to decide who should manage them.  It’s worth saying the person who knows your business best is most likely you and therefore you’re probably the best person to set the tone for your brand and start the conversations.  However, that may or may not be possible given time and resource conflicts in managing your overall business.

Finding The One to Manage Your Social Sites If you decide to allocate the task to someone else, find the person who shares your passion and vision for your company.  That aside, they need to be a good communicator and while it might seem like a strange thing to say here, it’s essential they like people.  After that, you need to be able to trust them to listen to your online community, create the content that fits and engage with your audience. 

Your ideal person is most likely to be in your sales or customer-service department.  If you’re a smaller company look around for the person who has the credentials above along with a very people-centric approach.  Once you’ve chosen who will manage your brand’s social media it’s worthwhile investing in training.  What you want is an employee who feels confident and competent in using the platform(s) you’re going to use to market your business.  There’s many courses around in your region, so check them out and have your employee attend so they learn about best practices, new developments and latest trends in online marketing. 

Who Owns Your Social Media?

This is a question most companies don’t give much thought to.  It’s only when the person who manages your social media sites leaves and takes with them the password(s) to access your sites that it becomes a serious issue.  We’ve already seen legal actions take place in the States over disputes around ownership of a brand’s social media sites.  To minimise problems in this area, clearly outline to employees the ownership of social media sites in your brand’s name.  The same applies to content, be clear about who has the authority to post, edit, and remove content from your sites.

Social Media Contract of Employment 

What is crucial is the updating of all employment contracts with social media policies as this will protect your company as well as your employees.  Social media awareness training is also a good idea at the induction stage for new employees and regular follow-up with the full team making sure everyone understands your company’s guidelines around social media. It’s all about being prepared.  Is your company prepared?

And finally, if you’d like to like to hear about the various social media employee training courses available with SynNeo you can contact us using the details below. 

To your online success!

Carole Smith, SynNeo



Carole Smith is a Social Selling Specialist, LinkedIn Trainer, and Speaker based in Dublin, Ireland.

www.synneo.ie | T: +353 1 547 7884 | E: [email protected]

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